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Full Disclosure

I’ve made mistakes in my 13-year voting record. There. I’ve said it.

There was a definite Republican tone in our household growing up, though in retrospect, politics weren’t discussed much. My grandmother was a staunch Democrat, that much I can recall. I once made a snide remark during a Reagan speech and my father remarking to my mom, “he gets that from your mother.” Such words are never spoken sweetly.

I never had an opinion one way or the other. I voted for individuals based on what others thought and did no research of my own. I filled in the circle next to someone’s name because they were “not the other man” or  they were “the lesser of two evils.” In my past, I dare not stray from party line when voting for individuals running for various offices simply because friends and family members liked them. Sure, I voted. I did my “civic” duty, but something needed to change. I felt it should start with me.

I would say I did not get into politics until 2006. I started perusing legislation papers, reading blogs, history books, and discussing politics with anyone and everyone upon realizing that I had no solid reason of my own as to why I voted the way I did. I slowly began to realize the true weight of my vote and consequences of an uneducated public in the voter booth.

I decided that for every local, state, and national election, I would take the time to research everyone running for office, no matter the limelight. Then I can cast an intelligent vote for who most closely represents me and possesses a valid and proven interest in the cause of liberty. If I write something here that you disagree with, let me know. If I am missing something, please respond. This is a team effort and would love input from every political arena.

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