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I Saved You A Seat

I’ve heard it time and again. Our system of government is based on a two-party system. You have the Democrats and the Republicans, Blue States and Red States, liberals and conservatives. There is no room for a third party. The way I see it, we currently have three types of politicians on Capitol Hill; Historians, Utopians, and the Mute.

  • It’s no surprise the Historians base their political ends on history. It seems a solid approach; using time-tested methods to achieve similar results regardless of the era. This segment, however, tends to be myopic, slow to change, and find it difficult to communicate outside of their ranks. This can be frustrating for a minority group seeking resolution to social problems or a public who desire open communication. This group can often bring wonderful ideas to the table but lack the foresight, tolerance, or even the means to implement them.
  • Creating a Utopian society is a must for some politicians. Their honorable desire is to build a better world. Their mistake is believing that the flaws of human nature can be improved by a large government placing the populous under tight restrictions, thereby forcing people to adopt a universal moral code. Their wholesale rejection of how humankind functions is proof positive of their unwavering focus on the ends and sheer disregard the means. Their dreams are great and shared by many, but their affliction is the lack of constituent involvement for implementation and feedback. Sadly, this segment is largely ignorant to their affliction, and if they are aware, they wouldn’t admit it.
  • The Mute are those that are rarely, if ever, seen or heard. They fail to implement the changes their constituents desire due to party politics clogging the wheels with political semantics, pork-barrel projects, roll call delays, and closed session deals. They share the Historian’s strength and place their hope in a free world, but cannot focus their abilities in a proper format or often allow their party affiliation to move their vote. This last segment may only serve a single term in the federal government after serving in local or state governments. They seldom get anything truly accomplished.

These three segments don’t have a singular party banner with a capitalized letter. They have no color. Politicians are constantly struggling to redefine themselves, but still feel the need to attach themselves to an over-arching ideology. This is the reason it has become popular to call oneself a progressive Republican or a moderate Democrat.

In response, we should take the best of these three segments and apply them to our own political framework. We should refuse to be party puppets and platform parrots. We should not be driven to the polls by fast-talking pitchmen armed with political talking points and fear-mongering television adverts paid for by special interest groups. The sooner third-party individuals stop settling for the -D and -R behind a candidates name, the better off we will be as a nation. If the Tea Party Patriots and President Obama have shown us anything, it’s that grassroots works. Write-in if you must, but let your voice, your vote, be heard.

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