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The Winds of Same

The existence of ethics on Capitol Hill these days is that of a mouse fart in a hurricane; it’s there, but one would be hard pressed to find a remnant. Today it seems more of our federal representatives have increasingly allowed themselves to become prey to their base desires. It’s hard to believe that anyone serving in the public sector even possesses a moral code any more. The best part about this scenario is that our friends in D.C. even have a special group of individuals they’ve termed “ethics committees” for both the House and Senate, though it seems their only function is to investigate certain wrong-doings and then report on them. Oh, and there is a bit of training involved.

All new Senators, House members, and staff must receive ethics training within 60 days of commencing their public service or employment. Existing staff are required to refresh themselves of ethical standards once a year. They can sign-in and be lectured in a one-hour training session or quietly sit in their office and watch a video or slideshow presentation. This training is provided by fellow members of the House and Senate respective of their office. I would hate to be on either committee, cause it appears that job isn’t getting done. We all know what happens when you fail to do your job. You get elected to public office for another term. BA-ZING!

Thanks for reading,

  1. DR
    03/15/2010 at 14:07

    Nice zinger! Your comment last week on Pataki’s quote regarding the relationship between ethics and complacency fits perfectly with this column, as well. Something like half of our 535 legislators have been in Washington DC for more than 20yrs…. just imagine the complacency they’ve acquired!

    What do we think voters of Mr. Rangel are saying to themselves this week? Do you think they’re proud to have continually voted for this unethical man to represent them?

  2. phillips0609
    03/16/2010 at 07:22

    It’s difficult to entertain any other notion except that those who voted either A) simply did’t care when they voted, B) did not pay enough attention coming up to the election, or C) actually think Rangel best represented their values.

    Like any voter, I’m sure those who voted for him are making excuses for themselves. It’s only natural.

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