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An Open Letter to Tea Party Patriots, or A Loose State of Support

I cannot seem to define a format to better express this message, so do forgive my weak writing style.

An open letter to Tea Party Patriots.

As a grassroots organization, you have come far in garnering the attention of national media and upsetting the local two-party balance. Originally, I was excited about the Tea Party movement. There was a glimmer of hope that perhaps people were finally fed up with the two-party system and would insist on tangible change and not abstract emotion. I saw a brief moment of victory through an individualistically-motivated collective, but true colors will always bleed through even the toughest of armors.

The truth is that deep down in your bones, you are Republican, but use your Tea Party moniker as an evasion tactic in hopes of inciting reversion to some former state of imagined glory. There are honest third-party members and Democrats among your ranks, but I doubt the majority would deny the previous charges. However, you should come to terms with being the clever machination of Republican whims and the dream stuff of GOP election fodder because that is what you have become.

These Republicans who court you are not interested in your reversionist activism and the Democrats who openly shun you are defiantly invalidating your very existence, to their own peril I might add, but at least they are not falsely wooing you to their aid come November.

The Grand Old Party has Sarah Palin touring the country and speaking at events with the likes of Michelle Bachman and fresh-faced Tim Pawlenty to maintain relations and help herd you back into the fold. These are not the people who will be representing the Republican ticket in 2012. They will not back Palin for president, Michelle Bachman is a puppet, and newcomer Tim Pawlenty is simply increasing public awareness of his existence. Their sole purpose is to get you, the Tea Party Patriots, to reconsider your opinion of the GOP and vote to that end.

You are caught in the middle of a classic game as old as time. You see what’s going on in one hand all the while disregarding what’s being shuffled in the other. You are being hornswoggled, bamboozled, and down-right seduced. You are being used. Perhaps you don’t mind. We are all used at one time or another. What’s one more election cycle?

You must make the most of your successes and refuse to be lead by your mistakes.

May I remind you of your namesake. Taxation without representation was the key cause of the Boston Tea Party. I’m sure there may have been a few individuals here and there who were dumping tea into the harbor for other reasons, but they were not simply fighting against taxes. They were fighting against the imposition of taxes without proper representation of their wants and needs to the British Parliament.

When Tax Day comes, and you meet up with your fellow patriots with your painted signs and strain your vocal cords to be heard over the cacophony, be mindful of why you are there. Do not become part of a mindless mass, being used to sway public opinion. Be a clarion call for proper representation of the states.

Thanks for reading,

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