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It’s Your Tax Day. You Can Cry If You Want To.

Happy Tax Day America. It seems the older I get, the more frequent this day comes around and it’s never been a happy occasion.

The 15-plus years I’ve been paying taxes, this is the first year I’ve actually sat and questioned what I am paying. Where does it go and what does it do? I believe that some taxation is good. It’s part of the simple deal we have with our government. We pay their wages, they represent us, and protect our interests, but how much is enough?

Ok, I will admit it. I failed to take my studies seriously at university. Add to that fact, all matters dealing with political science and economics were not even on my radar while in attendance, and you find me learning as I go. Sadly, this will often show itself in my writing. That being said and self-depreciation aside, I don’t figure it takes a genius to look at one’s taxes and sense they are higher than previous, yet little else has changed for the better. Some things have even become worse in fact. Don’t think it’s related to taxes?

We pay the government for education. Are you satisfied with your child’s tax-paid educational choices? Home schooling and private school attendance are on the rise. We pay the government for senior care. Are your grandparents happy with their Social Security benefits and Medicare? My grandparents are still working to scratch out a living and most companies refuse Medicare payments because the reimbursement time frame threatens to damage their business. We pay for these systems and more and I figure if we pay more, we should get more bang for the buck.

It is my understanding that taxes are used for the day-to-day business, paying wages, judiciary funding, ensuring military stability, caring for the families and members of government, and feeding the whole lot in the process. I support that. I know there is a little more to it, but I will happily pay for that. I do feel, however, that anything above that is extra money I could use to support different causes on my own terms; be it education, starting my own business, or providing for the health and safety of my local statesmen.

I do not support redistribution of wealth via taxes. I will not support penalty taxes on personal choices, and I cannot support the direct or indirect taxation of the American populous towards any end other than those systems, services, or support of those individuals that protect the real freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

What services are you comfortable paying taxes for on a federal level and at what amount? Should we insist on the Fair Tax Act? What would you do with your extra money?

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  1. phillips0609
    04/19/2010 at 08:15

    It has come to my attention that I stated, in not so many words, that the taxes in 2009 were higher than any previous year. This was not my intention and far from the truth.

    A simple search will show that in previous years, during certain administrations, tax rates have been much higher than we currently pay. However, from what I gather, we do pay more for Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid than previous. I’m sure we could chalk up the increase to the number of individuals applying, inflation, etc., but understanding as little as I do about the U.S. tax code, it’s still growing faster than my pay.

    Point being, I’m not against taxes as a whole, but believe the tax code is too large, out of control, and should be something a high school graduate can fully comprehend. Anything else above and beyond that should be called into question.

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