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Entertaining Your Brain, Choosing Your Direction

Brainwashing  /noun/

  1. a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs
  2. any method of controlled systematic indoctrination, esp. one based on repetition or confusion
  3. an instance of subjecting or being subjected to such techniques

Chances are, you’re being brainwashed. The worst of it is, you don’t even know it is happening. The art of brainwashing is utilized so often it has become common place. It’s in our marketing, it’s all over advertising, and it’s even in films intended for children.

The problem is not so much the message, or even how it is being delivered, it’s the response by the market; namely the audience, i.e., you. The use of television and film as boredom stranglers has not changed. The way messages are being delivered, however, is an ever-changing juggernaut of labyrinthine structure. This is why one need pay attention. Do we consider what we are truly watching?

A prime example of brainwashing and entertainment is nothing new to students of film. The Disney Orphan Paradigm, or DOP as I call it, is a rampant theme in nearly all their movies. The DOP exists when one or both parents are missing from the film. How many Disney, or Disney-involved films have you seen where both natural parents are represented or are not killed off within the first 15 minutes?

The best answer is that when one or both parents are missing, adoptive, or killed, the child protagonist has the freedom, and ultimate need to become self-reliant in order to face the antagonistic theme, individual or group. It’s been likened to Sigmund Frued’s “Family Romance,” wherein the child either imagines their parents are not actual but adoptive, or both dead, thereby constructing a conscious fantasy in order to be the self-reliant hero in their imaginative world. There is no denying the DOP makes for great story fodder, because for nearly a century, it’s presented an unknown lesson in self-reliance, however, that’s not the only lesson being promoted.

Did you see Wall-E? It’s the Disney/Pixar film with the cute robot and great graphics? It is difficult to ignore the strong anti-capitalist, pro-Union, anti-President Bush, save the environment theme with a “don’t be a fat American” twist. Regardless one’s political bent, is it necessary to include propaganda as noted themes in movies with an audience of children? To what end are we motivating our youth? If we are not aware of what lessons are being taught, we have no control of ourselves or our families.

It is possible to ignore the politics being presented as underlying themes and protagonist motivators and just enjoy the program, but you cannot be ignorant and not be effected. If you were to google “television studies in violence,” you would be provided with study after study showing the correlation between television violence and violent behavior, which can be typified as a known substance; being that the violence isn’t a hidden schema. Known substance having this effect, one can then easily draw the same correlation for the message of unknown substance, or unquantifiable subjects within the schema or plot, wherein the quantity of influence cannot be explicitly measured. This area of unknown substance would include the subject of politics.

In the simplest of terms, you are being served a political diet everyday whether you are aware or not. Those who watch Fox News every day are going to look at things differently than those whose cable news diet consists solely of MSNBC. I’m not saying either one is better than the other, simply stating that you may very well vote what you view, intentional or not.

I have friends and family who watch plenty of television and film with wholehearted disregard to the underlying messages, either because they don’t care or they don’t know. These same people refuse to take part in anything political, and then vote “their own conscience.” I would submit their vote is not their own conscience. One of the greatest lessons one can learn in life is that everyone has an agenda and they are looking to convert anyone who will listen to their way of thinking. If you are unaware of the intent of the message, how can you know if the message is a good one or harmful?

It’s no secret that my writing here is to be a tool of conversion toward a life of liberty through political education and applied thought. In that vein, I encourage you to not innocently view your favorite television shows and movies without consideration or question to the message behind the entertainment. Watch them under the light of political discernment. You may be shocked at what you’ve been missing.

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