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Fear and Ignorance in America

There is a growing sense of fear in America. Pick a topic, fearmongering exists. Left, Right, and every political spectrum in between use fear tactics. They know fear will motivate votes, money, and public opinion of a single topic, which culminates into creating single-issue voters. Proof positive that fearmongering only feeds and breeds ignorance.

Fear and ignorance are a dangerous combination.  Fear was a standard tactic used to retain unwarranted fealty to kings who were themselves afraid of losing their subjects, and in turn, their kingdom. These kings depended upon the ignorance of the masses to propagate their political bent. So much so, that they only allowed a certain number of the public access to education, and even then, it was limited.

Fearmongering was used on the American Colonists against the Native Americans, on white settlers against the displaced African tribesmen and well into their lineage. Fear was utilized to pit Christians against the gay marriage collective, and most recently employed as means to blend terrorism with the Muslim way of life. We must no longer allow fear to be the political motivator. It’s a demeaning blight that should have no part in the American political system.

One cannot know everything. The American citizen isn’t privy to the same information as those on Capitol Hill. We are extremely unaware of what the President of the United States knows. This, however, is should not excuse us from learning as much as we can in order to join together, in wisdom, to hold our representatives in Washington D.C. accountable for their actions.

We are the people, granted such unalienable rights, as to make a difference in this nation in life, liberty, and happiness. We should not be a fearful people bending to political rhetoric and scare tactics. Do not be afraid of your countrymen, but join them in seeking out the truth and creating a peaceful world. We will never reach, nor should we strive for Utopia, but we can make our nation great again.

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