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Suggested Reading

We just don’t read enough. Reading not only expands the vocabulary and increases one’s knowledge, it could possibly save your sanity. This drives me to offer a few items you should consider reading this week:

  1. It’s Constitution week as we approach Constitution Day on September 17. First on my reading list is the U.S. Constitution. It’s widely available and can easily be read in one sitting.
  2. Commerce Clause*
  3. Wickard v. Filburn*

* I understand people have an issue with Wikipedia vs. fact due to the nature of how they aggregate their “knowledge” base. I simply use the link as a brief overview and strongly suggest that anyone requiring full knowledge go forth to their public library and demand such materials on such subjects.

I may eventually add more in future articles, but this seems like a good, light start for a week.

Thanks for reading,

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