I have read the current platforms of most political parties and feel my personal, political platform most closely aligns with the Libertarian Party, however, I find it necessary to create a short list of topics that better expresses my position. I purposefully have not covered every frequency of the political spectrum, nor given each stated subject its due, however, silence given to any other particular government law, policy, regulation, ordinance, directive, edict, control, regulatory agency, activity or machination should not be construed to imply approval on my part, nor on behalf of the Libertarian Party.

The following are merely discussion points, not fully-functional programs ready for immediate implementation, nor ideals I believe should be created or managed on the federal or even state level in most instances. Utopia is a false ideal. I only hope that people can work toward being a country of citizens dedicated to sustained liberty.

I update this list as often as I am given opportunity to learn more about each subject.

Last confirmed:  11/01/2016


Abortion:  It is my position that a fetus is a human being; evidence alone that abortion is murder by extension. However, a resolution to this issue is not simple.

As sad and horrible as abortion is, when the smoke clears, it remains a woman’s decision about her body. No sector of government should be allowed abilities to pass legislation that would instruct its citizens how to manage and operate their own bodies. It would be foolish to hand over such abilities in any amount, to any governing body, for any reason. Society cannot be treated as cattle and must be faced intelligently through education and developing answers to personal needs.

The pro-life sector should shift their focus into education instead of urging the government to place heavy restrictions or an outright constitutional ban on a woman’s personal decision regarding her body and how to manage it. Abortion must become unnecessary. Sex education classes should be made available for the children of parents who wish to skip this parental responsibility.

Death Penalty:  No form of government should take the life of an individual as punishment, regardless of the crime. The death penalty is murder for murder.

Education:  We fail when just one of our children fail. Our children fail when they are not provided every opportunity to learn. The true duty of education falls squarely on the parents and each local community by extension, not a mandate from a Federal Department of Education.

The Department of Education should work to return education to its proper place; among an empowered local structure. We should advocate a move away from the agri-based school year and form a solid, year-long learning program; fifteen weeks of school with two-week holidays and a three-week summer break. We help develop a smaller class size and ensure children are provided the necessary materials for their continued growth.

Another step would be to work with the teacher’s unions to ensure children are the number one priority. It truly is amazing what some teachers are capable of doing with limited resources, but they should be rewarded for their continual work with parents and overall outcome, not concerned about union contracts and tenure.

We must save our educational system to save our future.

Environment: A healthy environment produces a healthy public. It’s our born duty to take care of the earth. Anti-human collectivist groups have gone overboard and damaged the ideals of maintaining a healthy environment. Using government legislation to force a people or nation to pay another to be considered “green” or “neutral” is ludicrous. Let us remove the economic gain from caring for our planet and begin an earnest movement toward a healthy environment. In the end it will cost money, yes, but that money should not line the pockets of politicians. It should aid local communities by creating a healthier living environment.

A first step would be to auction government-controlled land to private companies who hold greater interest in the preservation and long-term sustainability of the environment in those areas. Secondly, we should cut back on the utilization of waste-producing packaging that clog landfills, and create incentives for individuals instituting or participating in local farmer’s markets, use of rain barrels, and composting in urban areas.

I advocate the reduction of carbon emissions to simply aide in improving the quality of air. Research has shown that wind and soil erosion are rising faster than any other. By simply planting trees, we could combat both forms of erosion, while increasing oxygen and decreasing carbon monoxide in the air.

All these propositions would be the result of local social responsibility and not government legislation.

Evolution vs. Creation in Schools:  We cannot teach one without offering another and still be in full compliance with the guarantee of freedom of religion as outlined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We should allow the student the freedom to form their own opinion and leave such private matters to parents.

Foreign Policy:  We put our military and our citizens at risk every time we attempt to police the world. Our military is not a tool for nation building, “globalization of democracy,” nor should they serve as constant protectors of multi-national interests. I do not advocate the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals. Ergo, all United States military should be immediately withdrawn from every front, our international bases permanently closed, and military spending slashed to more sustainable levels protecting our borders.

The United States should end the policy of foreign intervention, both military and economic. If our private sector wishes to provide aide to a country in need, then that is where such aide will derive. It is unacceptable for the government to tax the populous to provide for the financial restructuring of foreign countries.

Gay Marriage and Rights:  Sexual orientation, preference, gender, or gender identity should have no effect on the rights of individuals. Therefore, I do not support a constitutional ban on gay marriage, nor prohibition for gay individuals or gay couples to adopt, as it is misuse of the United States Constitution.

No sector of government should define, license or restrict an individual’s personal relationships. This is largely a religious debate and I will not advocate the enforcement of religious morals via legislative policy.

Jobs, Unions, and Government Regulation:   Our jobs will continue to go overseas if we do nothing in the face of unethical business practices and massive, centralized regulation. Companies cannot afford a continuation of corporate greed overshadowing its employed. One cannot enforce business ethics via policy, nor regulate greed.

Regulation has its place, however, government regulation tends to only filter money into few corporations, thereby killing its competitors. The minute regulation enforced upon corporations as “safeguards” only impedes an honest business from effectively delivering goods and services. Often these same regulations allow unions carte-blanche infiltration into a free-market economy, eventually strangling any hopes of a competitive workforce by forcing an already strained and over-regulated company to increase benefits or wages, and kill any competitive buyout maneuvers. The answer lies not in more federal regulation but in a competitive business model structured within the free market.

A competitive market, free of minute-regulation, and heavy unionization, would create a revival in the American job market, an increase in productivity of new goods and services, and an overall gain in new business here in America for American workers. Honest free market competition is key to the success of the American job market, yet only one step in the direction of securing American jobs.

Guns and the Second Amendment:  The Second Amendment ensures every American citizen the individual right to keep and bear arms. Any regulation at any level of government requiring the registration of, or restricting the ownership, manufacture, or transfer or sale of firearms or ammunition should be created by those individuals in the free market who advocate responsible ownership and use of weapons.

Health Care Reform:  We are not granted the right to be healthy, therefore we do not have a right to health care. However, every American citizen should have due access to affordable health care.

We start by enacting the proposed tax and Welfare plan below. Within the same legislative session, we put in motion plans to phase-out Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security within thirty-five years – then build an opt-out function to fully marketize retirement.

We afford the American public the freedom to purchase insurance across state lines, thereby ending regional monopolies and creating competition to drive down costs. Then we enact staunch tort reform to ensure patient safety from medical malpractice, as well as legal protection for doctors from salacious and frivolous law suits. Incentives will also be generated for individuals, groups and companies who support, provide for, or run a food bank, shelter or health clinic.

These are first steps to affordable health care. It is your health. You are in charge. We can afford to fix the system, but we cannot afford to continually legislate faulty reform.

Immigration and Border Control:  Our nation was established by immigrants and should, therefore, be open to future immigrants seeking to enjoy and further American-bred freedom. Scare tactics used to further certain political ideology has only served to mar the portrait of real world issues regarding our borders and public safety. Our nation’s borders are its first defense and we should do everything to protect them. A large wall or fence along any border is a ludicrous waste of resources.

Immigrant workers were the work force that built this country and gave birth to the Spirit of America; a land of great opportunity. However, illegal entry into the American workforce will not be tolerated. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers will and should continue to turn away or deport illegal immigrants who have entered illegally or remained in state after their temporary work visa has expired.

Amnesty is not a valid option. A healthier process for legal entry into the United States should be designed to offer a more quick and involved process for those seeking American citizenship, while holding firm to a proper checks and balances system on all legal visas to ensure the safety of our public and the visa holder.

Lobbyists/Special Interest Groups/PAC:  I advocate lobbyist reform in order to ensure a level playing field for the voices of all American citizens and their interests. This reform would strengthen the populous, not the politicians.

Minimum Wage:  The Minimum Wage should be eliminated to allow the free market to set wages for the employed. This will increase competition, create job demand, as well as productivity, and set America back on track for economic stability.

Prison Crowding:  We must work on a united front to create a nation-wide prison system at the state level that would better rehabilitate criminals, alleviate current over-crowding, and end “jail house” communities. Time served, as well as any and all community service requirements will be reserved at the state level. Ending mandatory minimums will be a first step in giving our judges the ability to do their job more effectively.

Personal Injury or “Nanny State” Laws:  The Federal Government’s sole duty is to protect the rights and safety of her citizens from foreign states and other citizens, not to protect them from themselves. Therefore, we should repeal and restrict the establishment of such “Nanny State” laws as seat belt, helmet and assisted suicide laws at every level. No sector of government should be allowed abilities to pass legislation that would instruct its citizens how to manage and operate their own bodies.

Selective Service/Draft:  While I personally believe that military service provides much needed structure in the life of youth that is often not provided at home, I do not advocate use of the Selective Service System for the purpose of a reinstatement of the Draft even if the United States is in the most dire need of military force. Every American is granted the right to self-preservation or given the choice to fold in the face of opposition. The initiation of force to achieve political or social goals is a violation of human rights in any sense.

Separation of Church and State:  No form of government, local, state or federal, should be afforded the right to establish a government-approved religious system for every citizen, or a collective thereof. I do not advocate enforcing religious morals via policy. The key to religious freedom is granting space for citizens to grow their faith without interference, or threats against life and liberty to anyone practicing a peaceful religion from other religious, and non-religious groups.

While I personally believe the majority of those who signed the United States Constitution were of a strong religious mindset, which had a place in construct of the U.S. Constitution, I do not adhere to the resolution that the United States is a Christian nation.

There is a Creator God and his son, Jesus Christ, is savior. As a Christian, I maintain that one can serve God and country separately and synchronously. The Almighty God grants each individual the free-will choice to follow him or deny him. We, as Christians in government, should extend the same freedom of choice to our fellow Americans regardless of their religion or no. “Keep your church out of my government and your government out of my church” – James Madison.

Taxes and Government Spending:  We have been running a failed policy of taxing one income class-level to comfort another without ever decreasing the federal spending, adhering to a budget, or inciting any real positive change. The federal government should be required to maintain a balanced budget at all times.

However, this should not be used to tie the hands of the federal government to social whims. A balanced budget simply means spending on appropriate projects within the means of that fiscal year to further enhance American freedom and job creation, not willy nilly spending like the American taxpayers are the deep pockets lining congressional trousers.

United Nations:  I oppose any involvement in creating a global, government system. Our only involvement with the UN should serve as means of open communication with other nations, as neutral participant.

U.S. Constitution: A country that disregards its constitution is like a mindless juggernaut of lethal consequence. We can no longer afford to continue a path of stubborn ignorance. We either begin to abide by our constitution, or tread upon it and form another.

War on Drugs: The War on Drugs only serves to increase crime, overcrowd our prison system for victimless crimes, tax the resources of local communities, and endanger the very public it’s attempting to save. We should decriminalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. It makes no sense that alcohol can be produced, taxed, and sold to the American public and yet deny the production and use of marijuana to the medical field and open use among the populous; not to mention the mass benefits of hemp production in every aspect of American lives.

Welfare:  This government institution is breeding a culture of dependency. The overwhelming tendency to perpetuate generations of a lazy populous deems welfare unworthy for any responsible use. It should be scrapped in favor of a state-level program that provides incentives for social groups and/or wealthy individuals who support, provide for, or run a food bank, shelter or health clinic, or aid needy individuals or groups within their respective state.

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